Coalition for a Better Glendale City Council Candidate Survey: Chahe Keuroghelian

Chahe Keuroghelian supports the idea of a local ban on high-capacity weapon magazines and has pledged to oppose any effort to repeal action that effectively barred the Glendale Gun Show from the publicly owned Glendale Civic Auditorium.

“Strict enforcement of anti-gun laws should be the goal of our city [and] police department,” Keuroghelian wrote in response to a Coalition for a Better Glendale survey on the gun show and gun violence.

As of this writing, Keuroghelian is the second candidate for Glendale City Council to formally respond to the Coalition’s effort.

The questions and Keuroghelian’s responses can be read in their entirety here:

CABG survey — Keuroghelian 1

CABG survey — Keuroghelian 2

Questionnaires were mailed to all five candidates vying for a council seat in Tuesday’s (June 3) election.

The Coalition for a Better Glendale is a grassroots group of neighbors, homeowners, voters, parents and more who helped lead the fight to end the city’s formal affiliation with the gun show.

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