Coalition for a Better Glendale City Council Candidate Survey: Paula Devine

Paula Devine says she supports the Glendale City Council’s 2013 decision to prohibit the possession and sale of firearms on city property—a move that effectively ended the Glendale Gun Show-era at the publicly owned Glendale Civic Auditorium.

“There have been no negative impacts due to the ordinance,” Devine wrote in response to a Coalition for a Better Glendale survey on the gun show and gun violence.

Devine is the first candidate for Glendale City Council to respond to the Coalition’s effort.

The questions and Devine’s responses can be read in their entirety here:

CABG survey — Devine 1

CABG survey — Devine 2

Questionnaires were mailed to all five candidates vying for a council seat in the June 3 election. All responses will be posted here upon receipt.

The Coalition for a Better Glendale is a grassroots group of neighbors, homeowners, voters, parents and more who helped lead the fight to end the city’s formal affiliation with the gun show.

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