Glendale Gun Show Battle Over…Or Is It? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The City of Glendale is formally arguing that the attempt to remove Frank Quintero from the City Council “has more to do with his support of a recent ban on gun shows on city-owned property than a misinterpretation of a decades-old revolving-door policy,” the Glendale News-Press reported.


From the News-Press comes this item: The attorney who represented the owner of the Glendale Gun Show while the City Council debated, and ultimately voted 3-2 this past March to ban gun and ammo sales on city property is now representing a pair of residents who seek to legally challenge the seat held by Councilmember Frank Quintero.

Quintero, who was mayor during the Gun Show debate, and who voted in favor of the ban and was especially vocal on his stance against assault rifles, retired from the council in April, but shortly after was appointed to serve out the council term of Rafi Manoukian, who left following his election as City Treasurer.

The News-Press story details the reasons—not Gun Show-related, the prospective plaintiffs say—for the legal challenge. It also notes Quintero’s take.

“My position on the gun show and gun legislation is well-documented,” Quintero says in the News-Press. “I find it interesting that the same law firm that represented the gun show is filing the lawsuit.”

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