“I Thank the City Council for Committing to Make Glendale Better”

The above from a letter to the editor by Coalition for a Better Glendale founding member Eileen Young, as published in the News-Press.

Have you expressed your thanks yet to the members of the Glendale City Council who put our city on the verge of ending the gun show era as we’ve known it at the publicly owned Glendale Civic Auditorium, and, indeed, in all of Los Angeles County?

Please thank Mayor Frank Quintero and Councilmembers Rafi Manoukian and Laura Friedman for their support.

It’s not too late, either, for Councilmembers Ara Najarian and Dave Weaver to join their colleagues with “yes” votes when the ordinance comes up for final adoption, as scheduled, on Tuesday (March 19).

As they say, keep the cards and letters coming.

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