“Mayor and City Council, Please Do the Right Thing”

UPDATE: Just so you know, ’cause it’s not being reported all that accurately, the council is not expected to vote on the ordinance tonight. That part will (likely) come next week. Make no mistake, though, tonight is important. It’s (likely) the last time we’ll be able to make a case before council in favor of the ordinance.


Folks, the public hearing on the Glendale Gun Show-related ordinance is tomorrow.

In a letter to the editor published in the News-Press, Coalition for a Better Glendale founding member Anne Nord cuts through the distractions, and reminds what this issue is all about: Our publicly owned college-, school- and park-adjacent Glendale Civic Auditorium, where the Gun Show has been held annually two to three times a year, is simply “the wrong place for a gun show.”

“Mayor and City Council, please do the right thing,” Nord urges, “vote to ban gun shows on city property in Glendale.”

Join us at Glendale City Hall. Stand up for your community. Details here.

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