So, Yes, We Went to the Glendale Gun Show


UPDATE: At the March 5 Glendale City Council meeting, Coalition for a Better Glendale founding member Joal Ryan detailed what she saw at the gun show: a Shirley Temple paper-doll book, a stray Nazi flag and lots and lots and lots of ammo, all being sold on public property, across the street from a community college, and near homes and city parks. Video available here; go to the 01:32:00 mark.


And, as an added bonus, we got a $1 discount coupon off admission for the August show.

Which hopefully won’t happen, at least not at our own Glendale Civic Auditorium.

Help us make this ticket-slash-coupon a collector’s item. Join us in urging the Glendale City Council to approve its requested draft ordinance that would ban the sale of guns and ammunition on our public property.

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