Not Here, Not Now, Not in Our Name: Watch the Press Conference

Coalition for a Better Glendale founding members Vahe Peroomian, Deborah Dentler, Joal Ryan and Glendale Unified School District School Board member Mary Boger address the media on the opening day of the March 2-3 Glendale Gun Show at the city-owned Glendale Civic Auditorium.

The speakers made the case in favor of the proposed City Council ordinance that would end gun-and-ammo sales on school-adjacent public property.

Peroomian, a member of the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees, spoke about the potential dangers of cheap ammo being sold across the street from a college.


Dentler spoke of how, after the Sandy Hook massacre, she, her family and neighbors could no longer ignore the thrice-annual gun show at the Civic.


Boger said it “sends the wrong message” to children for a community to allow gun shows at its public venues.


Ryan spoke of being impacted by Sandy Hook as the parent of a first-grader “who turned 6 the same week” as one of the shooting victims.


“Sandy Hook was a before-and-after moment,” Ryan said. “There is a way you see things before, and there is a way you see things after: Not here. Not now.”


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